+ What is speed dating?

Speed dating is an event where people meet other single people in short, 6 minute facilitated conversations or speed dates! Each participant will have a form to take notes on their conversation partners, then they'll circle which ones they'd like to talk to again. The next day, participants will receive an email with their matches' emails. What happens next is up to them!

+ How much is it?

Early registration is $26. Then, the price goes up to $31 a week before the event, and goes up to $40 at the door, if there's space.

+ What makes 1v1 me irl different from similar services?

1v1 me irl is the only Atlanta dating service that caters specifically to nerds, geeks, cosplayers, gamers, scientists, engineers, and everything in between! We also work closely with the location staff to provide a comfortable, chill environment.

+ Who are the other participants?

Each event will have nerds, geeks, cosplayers, gamers, scientists, engineers, and everything in between! All the participants will be a certain age group. Please do not register for events that are outside of your age group. We don't want Standard players competing with Legacy players!

+ Why are the age ranges the way they are?

We have found that participants tend to look for romantic partners of a similar age, so we have restricted age ranges in order to maximize participant success.

+ How many people will I meet?

You'll meet about 10 people at each event.

+ How long is the event?

The event will take between 1 and 2 hours. You'll have about six 10 minute conversations.

+ Why is each speed date 6 minutes?

Most people can determine if there's chemistry between them witin 6 minutes. This also saves everyone time to find more people they are interested in and to meet more people.

+ What should I talk about?

You can talk about anything you want! Six minutes can fly by, but we'll have conversation topics ready at each table if you want inspiration. Check out our video on some speed dating tips.

+ How should I dress for the event?

Dress for the venue, and dress comfortably. A little nerd flair won't hurt ;)

+ How will my matches contact me? How long does it take before I get my matches?

You will receive an email with your mutual matches' email addresses 24 hours after the event.

+ What is your refund policy?

To ensure equal numbers of participants, we do not provide refunds. Please verify that you can attend the events ahead of time. If you can't make it, consider offering your spot to a friend. If you do, email us at contact@1v1meirl.com with your name and your friend's name and we'll get it straightened away.

+ I've been waitlisted! Now what?

You'll have an opportunity to buy a ticket if someone else cancels. If no one does, you can come to the event on the chance that someone else cancels or we have more participants.

+ Can I sign up with a friend?

Yes! Pre-made groups are great! Just make sure your friends sign up separately.

+ I still have questions!

No worries! Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!